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Reserve A Puppy


The balance is due upon release of the weaned Puppy at 8 weeks old or such other date as both parties mutually agree. Balance due in CASH  unless other arrangements have been made in advance. Other payment methods may be subject to additional fees. Buyer acknowledges and agrees that Buyer will forfeit the deposit and any right to the Puppy if: (a) Buyer fails to complete the purchase of the Puppy for any reason, or (b) Buyer fails to pay the balance of the Purchase Price on agreed pick up date. In either event, Seller shall be free to sell the Puppy to another party. In the event that the Puppy is not available due to sickness, death, or any other circumstance owing to the fault of the Seller, Buyer’s deposit will, at Buyer’s sole discretion, be either (i) refunded, or (ii) transferred to the next litter of puppies. Buyer is solely responsible for doing their due diligence in obtaining any permissions required to have possession of a dog at their home, such as permission from a landlord, HOA, roomate, or similar and must follow any town, county, and/or state ordinances regarding breed or pet size restrictions respective to the address in which they intend to house the Puppy and Buyer is solely responsible for any pet deposits or other fees they incur to have a pet at their home. Buyer must obtain these permissions prior to leaving a deposit with Seller.